The AI came up with an incorrect number because it chose an answer that was highly likely to be true based on the data it was provided. It could reason that Bernard Arnault’s net worth must be greater than Musk’s $191B, that it’s likely to be 2B more, and that Bernard Arnault’s net worth — based on the data provided — is highly likely to be $193B. No matter how well we train machines to identify our use of emotive language, they will have no visceral understanding of what your customer is going through. This is a great way to use AI to meet your customers where they are, regardless of their preferred social platform or instant messaging service.

How to Use AI in Customer Service

In this article, we’ll dive into some examples of AI in customer service and learn how these companies use AI to improve customer experience. As the COVID-19 pandemic forced employees into remote positions, many training teams began using AI to construct simulations to test employee aptitude for handling various situations. Previously, the training involved a blend of classroom training, self-paced learning and a final assessment — a routine that’s much harder to implement in remote or hybrid offices. Miami-based health and fitness company, Sensory Fitness, provides a holistic gym experience that includes intense workouts and restorative stretching and recovery programs. To meet the needs of a fast-growing clientele, they collaborated with AI company, FrontDesk AI, to develop a personalized AI virtual assistant, Sasha, to enhance their customer service capabilities.

Deliver Personalized Support

Lyro learns new information automatically as you expand your knowledge base and as the tool interacts with your customers. It creates new automated workflows as opportunities arise, so you don’t have to spend hours on teaching it about new products and services. AI tools answering customer requests with their sentiment in mind prevents the feeling of “chatting with a robot”.

How to Use AI in Customer Service

When he isn’t writing content, poetry, or creative nonfiction, he enjoys traveling, baking, playing music, reliving his barista days in his own kitchen, camping, and being bad at carpentry. Zapier can make automating customer service apps about as simple as ordering your favorite breakfast meal from your favorite local fast food chain. Adding AI to the mix is like getting extra green chile on the side—without even having to ask for it.

Here’s your first look at Project Kuiper’s low-cost customer terminals

The frustration of navigating through exhausting website or app navigation is one factor that deters customers from using self-service features. If you’re not really sure what data is both legal to use and genuinely useful, it’s best to consult with an attorney and an AI professional. They can help you figure out what’s legal to keep and worth the cost to store and protect. A fun example is when you say something sassy to Siri or Alexa, they are sometimes able to recognize it and offer up some delightfully stinging clap back.

  • It allows you to quickly and efficiently take care of the most urgent chats without making clients wait.
  • Discover how AI is changing customer service — from chatbots to analytics — on Trailhead, Salesforce’s free online learning program.
  • Even if you’re not using AI to improve your customers’ lives, your rivals most likely are.
  • But times have changed, and the entrance of artificial intelligence into the customer service sphere has opened the door for a new era, where AI-driven intuition begins to rival—and even outperform—human intuition.
  • To achieve the promise of AI-enabled customer service, companies can match the reimagined vision for engagement across all customer touchpoints to the appropriate AI-powered tools, core technology, and data.
  • AI can help customers improve service by automating the handling of simple problems faster and reducing costs for the user and businesses.

Some of these requirements impact communication in any industry; others are industry-specific call standards. These regulations put more pressure on contact centers and service agents to ensure compliance. Many customer service automation programs have built-in analytics to help you understand how the new AI is impacting your service program. Even the best and most intuitive tools in the world won’t help if your service teams don’t have emotional buy-in and proper training.

Investments in AI for Customer Service

In addition to outgoing messages, you can also use AI to identify keywords and analyze the nature of the request before assigning it to one of your reps. AI technology can be used to reduce friction at AI Customer Service nearly any point of the customer journey. Since so many of its uses are continuing to evolve, some of these risks will also continue decreasing over time as implementation complexities get ironed out.

How to Use AI in Customer Service

With the ecommerce industry booming and the rise of ecommerce website builders, customers’ demands and expectations of online stores are only going to grow. One of the best ways to keep up with customer experience expectations is going to be AI. In this article we’ll take a look at customer experience AI and the role it plays in aspects such as personalization and recommendation systems, enhancing the overall customer experience you offer. AI has the power to totally transform the customer experience you offer your audience, but understanding how to unlock its potential can be a daunting task.

Business Insights

As AI in customer service rapidly evolves, more use cases will continue to gain traction. This technology will  ensure frontline field service teams have the right customer, asset, and service history data for the job at hand. Through AI in customer service, field service teams will offload more of the mundane work — through automated work summaries, knowledge articles, and more. Despite having 8 million customer-agent conversations full of insights, the telco’s agents could only capture part of the information in customer relationship management (CRM) systems. What’s more, they did not have time to fully read automatic transcriptions from previous calls. IBM Consulting used foundation models to accomplish automatic call summarization and topic extraction and update the CRM with actionable insights quickly.

But using such a broad and unconstrained dataset to learn from can lead to accuracy issues with the responses LLMs generate. Depending on the prompt you provide, generative AI models will draw on the entirety of their training data to offer their best estimate of what you want to hear. The advanced ability of gen AI chatbots to converse with humans in an easy, natural way means that using this technology in a customer-facing setting is a no-brainer. From enhancing the conversational experience to assisting agents with suggested replies, there are plenty of ways that generative AI and LLMs can help your brand to deliver faster, better support. To achieve the promise of AI-enabled customer service, companies can match the reimagined vision for engagement across all customer touchpoints to the appropriate AI-powered tools, core technology, and data. Discover how AI is changing customer service — from chatbots to analytics — on Trailhead, Salesforce’s free online learning program.

Collect trends and insights

And don’t forget to check out our data-driven list of chatbot vendors and voice bot platforms. In addition to basic language translation and transcription, AI converts audio into text with extreme accuracy. Reps can follow conversations with non-native English speakers much more effectively when accents impede understanding through voice communication. Regulatory compliance isn’t just a legal issue; it is a customer service issue.

Institutions are finding that making the most of AI tools to transform customer service is not simply a case of deploying the latest technology. Customer service leaders face challenges ranging from selecting the most important use cases for AI to integrating technology with legacy systems and finding the right talent and organizational governance structures. Lyro can save you from overflowing chats, offload your support team (without extra hiring costs), automate customer communication, and boost satisfaction with the power of conversational AI. Currently, AI customer service solutions either come with a huge price tag and are targeted at enterprise businesses or have more issues than benefits (e.g., AI hallucinations).


You can customize how you spend money on customer service AI to suit your unique needs. AI makes the buying process smooth, which unsurprisingly leads to more successful purchases. For example, AI makes it easy to analyze browsing history on company websites to determine what customers are looking for and guide them to what they need. Thanks to AI, you don’t need to analyze the data and draw conclusions from it manually. AI can also help gain a comprehensive understanding of customer intelligence, interaction intelligence, and conversational intelligence.

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